eeBoo Memory Match Game – Shiny Dinosaur

eeBoo Memory & Matching Game – Shiny Dinosaur: Prehistoric Pairs with a Sparkle!

Product Description: This game features 24 pairs of beautifully illustrated dinosaur tiles that not only sparkle with foil embellishments but also help children learn about these majestic creatures and how to pronounce their names. Each tile is color-coordinated, assisting in the identification and matching of each prehistoric animal. The sturdy, easy-to-handle tiles make this memory game perfect for improving focus and cognitive skills, whether played alone or with friends.


Educational Content: Introduces children to different dinosaurs, enhancing their knowledge and pronunciation skills.
Engaging Visuals: Each tile shines with a foil detail, making the game visually appealing and exciting for children.
Skill Development: Promotes memory and matching skills, critical for early childhood development.
Social and Solo Play: Can be enjoyed both individually for focused play and in groups for interactive learning experiences.

Why Consider This Product: This game is a fantastic way for children to delve into the world of dinosaurs, offering a dynamic learning experience that supports both academic and developmental goals.

Ages 3+
Box dimensions: 24 cm x 24 cm x 3 cm

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