eeBoo Memory Match Game – Shark & Friends

eeBoo Memory Match Game – Shark & Friends: Dive into Learning!

Product Description: This game features 24 pairs of cards showcasing various sharks and their marvelous marine companions, each illustrated to spark curiosity and engage young minds. As players work to match these aquatic allies, they enhance their memory and recognition skills, making the game both fun and beneficial for cognitive development.


Marine-Themed Matching: Includes 24 pairs of beautifully illustrated cards featuring sharks and their underwater friends, perfect for fostering an interest in marine biology.
Cognitive Skill Enhancement: Sharpens memory and recognition abilities, crucial for early childhood development.
Eco-Friendly Materials: Made with 90% recycled board and vegetable-based inks, emphasising the game’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
Compact and Easy Storage: The sturdy box ensures that the game is both easy to store and durable enough for regular use.

Why Consider This Product: The combination of educational benefits and environmental sustainability makes this game a valuable addition to any child’s collection of learning activities.

  • Ages 3+
  • Box Dimensions 23 x 23cm