eeBoo Matching Game – Natural Science

eeBoo Matching Game – Natural Science: Discover as You Play

Product Description: This game combines the fun of a traditional memory game with the educational opportunity to learn science facts. Featuring 24 pairs of beautifully illustrated cards that cover various scientific themes, players will sharpen their recognition and memory skills while simultaneously being introduced to interesting scientific facts. Each card is a portal to learning more about the natural world, making this game a perfect educational tool that engages young minds in learning through play.


Educational and Engaging: Integrates learning with play by featuring science facts on beautifully illustrated cards.
Developmental Benefits: Enhances cognitive skills such as memory and recognition while introducing basic scientific concepts.
Science-Themed Pairs: Includes 24 pairs to match, each representing different aspects of natural science to spark curiosity and learning.

Why Consider This Product: It encourages not only cognitive development but also a deep appreciation for the scientific world, blending educational content with the enjoyable challenge of a memory game.

Ages 5+
Box dimensions: 23 cm x 23 cm