eeBoo Game – Scavenger Hunt – Outdoors

eeBoo’s Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Explore, Observe, Discover!

Product Description: This game promotes flexible, cross-categorical thinking as players search for common objects based on their attributes such as colour, size, material, texture, pattern, sound, smell, number, or resemblance. Perfectly adaptable to any climate, it provides a dynamic way to interact with the environment without the need to collect items


Engaging Outdoor Activity: Designed for exploration in various outdoor settings, this game encourages a hands-on approach to learning about nature and the surrounding world.
Develops Key Skills: Enhances critical observational and analytical abilities through active, think-on-your-feet challenges.
Multilingual Cards: Each card is written in four languages, promoting language skills and broadening global awareness among young learners.
Award-Winning Design: Recognised with the Oppenheim Gold Toy Award for its educational value and creative design.

Why Consider This Product: This game not only encourages physical activity but also fosters environmental awareness and cognitive development through enjoyable, thought-provoking challenges.

  • Ages 3 +
  • Card size: 10 cm x 10 cm
  • Box size 14 x 13cm