eeBoo Game – Form & Colour

eeBoo Game – Form & Colour: A Creative Journey in 100 Steps!

Product Description: Suitable for children aged 5 and up, this game guides players through 100 engaging challenge cards, each designed to introduce and master key concepts in visual arts. From simple forms and patterns to complex notions of colour temperature, negative space, transparency, and perspective, this educational game covers a comprehensive range of artistic elements.


Comprehensive Art Education: Includes 100 challenge cards that cover a broad spectrum of art and design principles, such as patterns, perspective, and colour theory.
Step-by-Step Learning: Progressively structured challenges help young artists develop their skills methodically and thoughtfully.
Engaging and Educational: Designed to stimulate visual and cognitive skills while introducing fundamental artistic concepts in a fun, accessible way.
Encourages Creativity: Each card prompts players to think creatively and critically, fostering a deep appreciation for artistic expression.

Why Consider This Product: Perfect for young learners eager to explore the world of art, it provides a solid foundation in design principles that will benefit them throughout their artistic journeys.

  • Ages 5+
  • Dimensions 24.1 x 24.1 x 6.4