eeBoo Game – eyeSpectro

eeBoo Game – eyeSpectro: A Kaleidoscope of Strategy!

Product Description: This game combines colour theory and strategic calculation in a visually stunning display, encouraging players to engage in both cooperative and competitive play. eyeSpectro is perfect for those looking to develop strategic thinking and numeracy skills through a fun and engaging format. The game includes 60 pieces that shimmer with holographic foil, 4 score pads for tracking progress, and a drawstring bag for easy storage and transport.


Strategic Gameplay: Encourages players to use critical thinking and planning to master the game, enhancing cognitive functions.
Introduction to Colour Spectrum: Integrates learning about the colour spectrum with gameplay, making educational concepts accessible and engaging.
Versatile Play Options: Includes rules for both simple and advanced play, ensuring that the game grows with the player’s skills.
High-Quality Components: Features eye-catching holographic foil pieces and sturdy score pads, providing a premium gaming experience.

Why Consider This Product: EyeSpectro is a game that offers both fun and educational value, promoting not only cognitive development but also social skills through gameplay.

Ages 8+
Dimensions ‎24.13 x 3.81 x 24.13