eeBoo Flash Cards – 100 Sight Words – Level 1

eeBoo Flash Cards – 100 Sight Words – Level 1: Building Blocks of Literacy!

Product Description: Designed to aid young learners in mastering high-frequency words through memorisation, this set introduces simple, commonly used words that form the foundation of reading fluency. Each of the 100 flashcards features a sight word on the front and a sentence on the back to provide context, enhancing understanding and retention.


Comprehensive Learning Kit: Includes 100 high-frequency sight words essential for early reading development, paired with sentences for context.
Organised and Accessible: Comes with two size-adjustable rings to sort and secure the cards, making it easy for children to manage and review.
Interactive Learning Activities: Features 18 fun and educational activities that reinforce word recognition and reading skills.
Progress Tracking: A checklist is included to help learners and educators monitor advancement and identify areas needing focus.

Why Consider This Product: This set not only boosts literacy but also builds confidence in young readers. Ideal for home and classroom use, these flashcards are a fundamental step towards fluent reading and comprehensive language skills.

Age 3+

Card Size: 7.3 x 10cm