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eeBoo Double-Sided Jumbo Pencils – Sweet Celebration

eeBoo Double-Sided Jumbo Pencils – Sweet Celebration

Unleash a spectrum of creativity with the eeBoo Double-Sided Jumbo Pencils in the Sweet Celebration set! This unique collection of 6 large, easy-grip pencils offers 12 dazzling colours, cleverly designed to fit two shades into each pencil. Ideal for young beginners as well as seasoned artists, these jumbo pencils are engineered to provide maximum control and comfort. Included in the package is a sharpener specifically designed to maintain the dual tips, so artists can continue to create vibrant and beautiful artwork without interruption.

Key Features:

Double-Sided Convenience: 12 colours packed into 6 pencils, making it easy to switch between shades and save space.
Ergonomic Design: Large barrels designed for easy gripping, perfect for artists of all ages, enhancing fine motor skills in younger users.
Includes Sharpener: Comes with a sharpener tailored for these unique pencils, ensuring they’re always ready for use.

Why Consider This Product? Dive into a world of colour and creativity with the eeBoo Double-Sided Jumbo Pencils – where every stroke adds a touch of celebration to your artistic creations. Perfect for everyone from toddlers learning to color within the lines to adults adding fine details to their art.

Ages 3+

Packaging size: 8 x 24cm