eeBoo Dominoes – Giant Shiny Dinosaur

eeBoo Dominoes – Giant Shiny Dinosaur: Prehistoric Puzzles, Jurassic Joy!

Product Description:  Designed for players aged 3 and up, this set enhances the traditional game of dominoes with a prehistoric twist. Each oversized domino piece is die-cut and features two vibrant dinosaurs, complete with shiny holographic foil accents. These dominoes not only display each dinosaur’s name but also include the pronunciation and the footprint left behind millions of years ago.


Educational Dinosaur Theme: Introduces players to seven types of dinosaurs, enhancing recognition and pronunciation skills alongside historical learning.
Engaging Visuals: Each piece is highlighted with holographic foil, making the dinosaurs leap off the dominoes with eye-catching detail.
Developmental Benefits: Focuses on matching and concentration skills, crucial for cognitive growth in young learners.
Family-Friendly Entertainment: With its universal appeal and easy-to-learn rules, it’s a perfect game for family game nights, offering both fun and educational value.

Why Consider This Product: The beautifully illustrated pieces by Monika Forsberg encourage interaction and conversation about these fascinating creatures, making learning about prehistory exciting and accessible.

For ages 3+
Box: 16 x 10 x 4 cm