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eeBoo Tell Me a Story – Magic Forest

eeBoo Tell Me a Story – Magic Forest: Unleash Imagination!

Product Description: Designed for children aged 3 and up, this set features 36 and presents a scene with friendly characters such as unicorn, dragons, fairies and rainbows embarking on delightful adventures. As children lay down each card, they weave their own unique stories, with no rules to limit their imagination.


Creative Storytelling: Encourages children to create and narrate their own adventures using charmingly illustrated cards.
Engaging Characters: Features unicorns, dragons, fairies and rainbows in a variety of imaginative locations, inviting endless storytelling possibilities.
Award-Winning Design: Recognised with the Oppenheim Gold Award and SNAP Award for its exceptional educational value and innovative design.
Promotes Key Skills: Develops imagination, creativity, storytelling abilities, conversational skills, and vocabulary.

Why Consider This Product: This set is an excellent tool for parents and educators seeking to foster a deep love of storytelling and imaginative play.

Ages: 3+

Cards 9.52 x 12cm