eeBoo Book – Play with your Food – Love

Eeboo Play with your Food Educational Book – Love: Cherishing Connections, One Page at a Time!

Product Description:  This enchanting book is designed to introduce young children to the importance of love, friends, and family through award-winning characters and captivating illustrations. It’s an ideal tool for parents and educators to begin essential conversations about the blessings of relationships from an early age.


Engaging Characters: Award-winning illustrations capture the imagination of young readers, providing a friendly introduction to fundamental concepts.
Educational and Conversational: Encourages dialogue between children and adults about essential life values, promoting understanding and empathy.
Compact and Child-Friendly: The book’s size and design are tailored for young readers, making learning about love an accessible and enjoyable experience.

Why Consider This Product: Eeboo’s Play with your Food Educational Book – Love is not just a book; it’s a conversation starter about the things that truly matter in life, presented in a playful and engaging format.

Size: 14 x 14 x 1 cm