eeboo Board Game – Slips & Ladders

eeBoo Board Game – Dragon Slips & Ladders: A Mythical Race to the Party!

Product Description: Designed to captivate and entertain players of all ages, this game invites you into a magical world where dragons host the most anticipated event – the dragon party. Players use their counting skills to navigate the board, climbing ladders to get ahead and sliding down dragon slips in unpredictable twists and turns.


Fantastical Theme: Brings the magical world of dragons to life, offering a fresh and exciting twist on a classic game.
Educational Gameplay: Helps develop basic counting skills and strategic thinking, making it an engaging way for children to learn and have fun.
Family Friendly: With simple rules and engaging gameplay, it’s a game that family members of all ages can enjoy together.
Quality Design: The box measures 24 x 24 cm, packed with beautifully illustrated game pieces that enhance the mythical adventure.

Why Consider This Product: Perfect for families and friends seeking a fun, educational game that combines classic gameplay with a touch of fantasy. Dragon Slips & Ladders is an invitation to a mythical adventure that develops basic skills while ensuring hours of entertainment.

Ages 5+

Box is 24 x 24 cm