eeBoo 64 Pc Puzzle – Woodland

eeBoo 64 Piece Puzzle – Woodland: Forest Friends, Natural Nook!

Product Description: This beautifully illustrated puzzle draws children into a woodland realm where rabbits dig and foxes roam, creating a sense of adventure and belonging amidst nature. As they connect each piece, kids are introduced to the bustling life within the woods, fostering problem-solving skills and nurturing a deep appreciation for the environment.

Key Features:

Enchanting Woodland Theme: Captures the harmony of forest animals in their natural setting, sparking curiosity and imagination.
Educational and Enjoyable: Challenges young minds with a visually appealing puzzle that enhances cognitive development and wildlife awareness.
Eco-Conscious Production: Utilises recycled materials, emphasizing the puzzle’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Why Consider This Product: Perfect for children fascinated by the mysteries and tranquility of the forest. The Woodland puzzle merges delightful imagery with valuable learning opportunities, offering an enjoyable way to explore forest ecosystems.

Ages 5+
Puzzle size: 38cm x 38cm
Box size: 22cm x 22cm

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