eeBoo 20 Pc Puzzle – Princess Adventure

eeBoo 20 pc Puzzle – Princess Adventure: Fairy Tale Quests, Enchanted Learning!

Product Description: This enchanting puzzle introduces children to a world of princesses embarking on grand adventures, sparking curiosity and storytelling. As they piece together the vibrant and detailed scene, kids will not only enhance their pattern, shape, and colour recognition skills but also engage with themes of bravery, exploration, and friendship. Made with eco-friendly materials, this puzzle is safe, high-quality, and perfect for travel, offering a magical and educational activity for little adventurers.

Key Features:

Enchanting Princess Theme: Features princesses on adventurous quests, set in a colourful, fairy tale landscape.
Developmental Play: Supports cognitive development, including problem-solving skills and visual recognition, in a fun, engaging way.
Ideal for Young Puzzlers: Large, easy-to-handle pieces make it accessible for children, fostering confidence and independence.
Eco-Conscious and Safe: Produced with recycled greyboard and vegetable-based inks, prioritising the environment and child safety.

Why Consider This Product: Perfect for young dreamers fascinated by fairy tales and adventures. The Princess Adventure puzzle merges storytelling with educational benefits, all in an eco-friendly, travel-friendly package.

Ages 3+
Puzzle size: 28 x 38 cm
Box Size: 18 x 13 x 5 cm

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