eeBoo 1000 Pc Puzzle – Alchemists Home

eeBoo 1000 Pc Puzzle – The Alchemist’s Home: Echoes of the Past, Visions of Transformation!

Product Description:  This puzzle opens a gateway to a world where the tangible meets the mysterious. Each piece brings to life stories of change, persistence, and the universe’s rhythm. It’s perfect for those fascinated by the unseen layers of reality and history’s enduring whispers, offering a rewarding challenge that leads to insights into the alchemist’s quest for knowledge and transformation.

Key Features:

Mystical Theme: Dive into a beautifully detailed scene capturing the spirit of alchemy, blending the past with the present.
Engaging Experience: With its 58.4 x 58.4 cm size, the puzzle offers an immersive and thought-provoking challenge, inviting players into a realm of discovery.
Environmentally Friendly: Constructed from 90% recycled greyboard and printed with vegetable-based inks, this puzzle demonstrates a commitment to our planet.

Why Buy This Product: The Alchemist’s Home puzzle is more than just entertainment; it’s an exploration of life’s mysteries. Ideal for those who love to ponder and explore, it combines fun with a deeper understanding of the world.

Age 14+
Puzzle size: 58.4 x 58.4 cm
Box Size: 28 x 28 x 5 cm