Madd Capp Puzzles

Madd Capp was created by two passionate entrepreneurs Bernie and John Moran who grew up in New England. The two brothers took different paths to ultimately arrive at the doorstep of their company Madd Capp Games. Never short on ideas, the principals of Madd Capp Games are committed to creating moments where the entire family can come together for fun. Whether you're an avid jigsaw enthusiast looking to be challenged, or a grandparent looking to spend quality time with their grandchildren, Madd Capp Puzzles has just what you are looking for with their fun animal shaped puzzles. 

Madd Capp 550 Pc Shaped Puzzle - I Am Bear
Product Code: MC-3004
Minimum Quantity: 3
Madd Capp 550 Pc Shaped Puzzle - I Am Panda
Product Code: MC-3009
Minimum Quantity: 3
Madd Capp 700 Pc Shaped Puzzle - Elephant
Product Code: MC-3007
Minimum Quantity: 3